Drive a Car You're Proud to Show Off

Visit us today to get exterior auto detailing services

Are kids writing "WASH ME" in the dust on your vehicle? Do you have scratches up and down your car's exterior? Make an appointment for exterior auto detailing services at QCDetail. We'll hand wash your car with a new mitt, remove bugs, polish your car's rims and remove grime with a powerful clay bar treatment. You can even ask us to remove deep scratches and swirls.

Your exterior detailing appointment will be finished off with a hand wax or paint sealant. You can also add headlight restoration to your service. Your car will look like it just came off the lot when we're done. We charge $120 for cars, $140 for SUVs/trucks, and for Vans, give us a call for a quote! Base prices can go up depending on the severity of the vehicle getting detailed. Call 563-676-5093 now to schedule an appointment.

The benefits of waxing your car

If you want to keep your car in tip-top shape, just going to the car wash won't cut it. That's why our exterior detailing services include waxing. Here's why it's important to wax your car:

  • It prevents discoloring and fading caused by the sun
  • It gives your car an impressive high-gloss finish
  • It beads water and prevents caked-on dirt
Our team will hand wax your car from top to bottom to ensure it's fully protected. Your car is in good hands with our crew.