Clean Every Nook and Cranny of Your Car's Interior

Schedule interior auto detailing services

You try to keep your car clean, but life happens. Maybe your kids spilled food on the car floor, or maybe your dog shed all over your seats. You don't have to live with a trash-filled vehicle. Come to QCDetail for interior auto detailing services. We'll leave your vehicle neat and odor-free.

We charge $120 for cars, $140 for SUVs/trucks, and for Vans, give us a call for a quote! Base prices can go up depending on the severity of the vehicle getting detailed. Make an appointment with a member of our detailing team today.

What does our interior detailing service include?

You spend a lot of time in your car commuting to work, driving to dinner with friends or going on road trips. Make your drive a pleasant experience by cleaning up your interior. During your interior detailing appointment, we will...

  • Blast away dust and grime with a powerful air duster
  • Vacuum your car's carpets, ceiling and seats
  • Steam clean/shampoo your seats & carpet with a high-powered steam
  • Detail doors, the dash, knobs and┬ávents

We'll also use a UV protector on all surfaces. Everything from your air vents to your windows will look brand-new once we're done.